Harrow Northland Junior Tournament Series


Harrow Junior Player Series 2018


June 2018

Below please find the updated points table for the Harrow Junior Player Series.
Please note some changes have been made to some players points.  Due to some junior tournaments being opened to players who have more than 1500 points (from the first tournament of the series), it was felt it was unfair to the players in the top division who came across these players as far as the series points go.  Therefore, the players in the top division who play and lose to an ineligible series player will get the series points as a win (not grading points).  This also means they could obtain maximum points (150) as the division winner if those placed above them are ineligible for the series.

After 3 tournaments Paddy Ferguson is sitting at the top of the table, followed by Nahuel Racioppi and Chelsea Traill.  There are still plenty of tournaments left for anyone to move up the points table and be in for some great Harrow prizes!!

You are automatically entered into this series when you enter a Harrow Junior Series Tournament and your best 5 tournament results are counted towards your final points.

The next tournament in the series is the Maungaturoto Juniors this weekend, followed by the Dargaville Juniors on Sunday 8th July.

Upcoming Harrow Junior Series Tournaments:

Maungaturoto Juniors: June 15 – 17

Dargaville Juniors: Sunday July 8th

Wellsford Juniors: Sunday July 22nd

Mid-Western Juniors: August 3 – 5

Northland Juniors:  August 17 – 19

(Manaia to be confirmed)

Thanks to Nicol Bekker from Angus Sports (@Whangarei Squash Club) and Harrow for sponsoring this series.

Good luck to you all!

Points Harrow Junior Player Series June 15 June 2018


May 2018

The first two tournaments have now been played in the Harrow Junior Player Series calendar and Nahuel Racioppi has taken the early lead on the points table followed by Thomas Guy and Ethan Hare not far behind.  It’s early days yet though with 6 more junior tournaments left to play.  And remember your best 5 tournament results are counted towards your final points.

The points table is below.

Thanks to Nicol Bekker from Angus Sports (@Whangarei Squash Club) and Harrow for sponsoring this series.

The Mangakahia Juniors is being played this weekend followed by the Maungaturoto Juniors the following weekend:

Harrow Player Series Tournaments to come:

Mangakahia June 8 – 10

Maungaturoto June 15 – 17

Dargaville Sunday July 8th

Wellsford Sunday July 22nd

Mid-Western August 3 – 5

Northland Juniors August 17 – 19

(Manaia to be confirmed)

Points table:

Harrow Junior Player Series Points June 2018

Angus Junior Player Series 2017

Maz Saunders has taken out the Angus Junior Player Series for 2017 and won a new Harrow racket.   Ellie Petty was a very close 2nd place, followed by Olivia and Hayley Rhodes in 3rd and 4th positions.

The final of this series was held at Manaia Squash Club at the Northland Junior Championships with a total of 75 juniors who played in one or more of the Junior Series Tournaments this year.

Thanks to Nicol Bekker for his generous sponsorship of this series and the fantastic prizes which were presented to the top 10 places:

1st  Maz Saunders

2nd Ellie Petty

3rd Olivia Rhodes

4th Hayley Rhodes

5 th- 8th (all equal)

Josh Laing

Zac Laing

Amy Brown

Jacob Turner

9th Hayden Turner

10th Jayden Stokes


2016 Junior Player Series

The 2016 Black Knight Junior Series was a great success with over 100 juniors participating in at least one tournament.

The overall winner was Justin Tyson with Maz Saunders taking 2nd place – their points were equal and it was determined by a countback.

Final places:

1st Justin Tyson

2nd Maz Saunders

3rd Campbell Griffin

4th Cory Ferguson

5th Chelsea Traill

6th Paddy Ferguson

7th Tane Traill

8th Emma Tyson

9th Josh Laing

10th Josh Johnson

11th Pippa Saunders

12th Abbie Griffin

Click on the link below for the final points table: