Interclub is a graded, points- based competition that is administered by Squash Northland

Interclub is a graded, points- based competition that is administered by Squash Northland and is open to teams from all affiliated clubs in the Northland District. Teams are divided into Mens and Womens competitions and divisions depending on the grades of the players (except for the Open Interclub competition)

Interclub is played on Tuesday nights.

It is a great way to get a regular game and meet fellow players from Northland.  You must be on the grading list to be eligible to play, please contact your club to be put on the grading list.  For more information contact Squash Northland.

Contact your club if you are keen on being in an Interclub team for 2020.

Interclub 2020

March – Doubles Interclub

Div 1 winner: Wellsford, Darryn Gibbons & Kurtis Danks

Div 2 winner: Kamo, Michele Salmon  & Rees Daley

April/May – Autumn Interclub cancelled

July/August – Open Interclub

Open Mens winner: Manaia

Open Womens: winner Whangarei

Div 1 Ladies winner:  Wellsford

Div 2 Mens winner: Manaia

September – Spring Series/Doubles Interclub


Ladies Open Interclub Winner – Whangarei Squash Club

Mens Open Interclub Winner – Manaia Squash Club

Winter Interclub Mens Div 2 – Kamo Squash Club



Autumn Interclub 2019

Winner Div 1 Mens – Kamo 2

Winner Div 2 Mens – Whangarei

Winner Div 1 Ladies – Wellsford

Winner Div 2 Ladies – Mid-Western

Autumn Interclub will start on Tuesday 8 May 2019 (entries close Tuesday 30 April)

Please contact your club to enter a team or see about being part of a team.

You will note there are changes to the format for this autumn round, we are trying this to see if we can get more clubs and teams involved. This format should make it easier for the smaller clubs in particular to make up a team/teams.

  • Starts Tuesday 8 May
  • Entries close Tuesday 30 April
  • Men’s and Women’s on the same night (where/if possible)
  • Play every 2nd Tuesday
  • Alternate around clubs that have entered teams (won’t really know how this will work out until we receive entries)
  • Play starts at 7pm (or earlier if agreed by both teams and host club)
  • 3 players in a team (for both men and women)
  • PAR 11

Men and Women (separate competitions)

The teams will consist of 3 players:

Division One

Player 1           B or C Grade

Player 2           C or D Grade

Player 3           D/E/F Grade

Division Two

Player 1           C or D Grade

Player 2           D or E Grade

Player 3           E or F Grade

Please note:  Players grading for this interclub series is that recorded as at 30 April 2019 (closing date for entries)

Players must play in order of grade (eg D1 above D2)

Entries close on Tuesday 30 April and first games will be played on Tuesday 8 May

2018 Interclub Results

Mens Open Winner – Wellsford

Ladies Open Winner – Whangarei

Winter Interclub Mens Div 2  winner – Mangakahia

Winter Interlub Ladies Div 2 winner – Whangarei

Autumn Mens Div 1 winner – Kamo

Autumn Mens Div 2 winner – Mangakahia

Autumn Ladies Div 1 winner – Mangakahia

Autumn Ladies Div 2 winner- Mid-Western


2017 Open Interclub Results

Mens Open Winner – Whangarei

Ladies Open Winner – Whangarei

Ladies Div 2 – Whangarei

Mens Div 2 – Whangarei

Autumn Interclub Results

Ladies Div 1 – Winner Mid-Western

Mens Div 1 – Winner Kamo

Mens Div 2 – Winner Mid-Western

Winter Interclub Results

Ladies Div 1 – Winner Whangarei

Mens Div 1 – Winner Manaia


2016 Interclub

2016 Autumn Interclub Winners:

Ladies Div 1 – Manaia

Ladies Div 2 – Maungaturoto

Mens Div 2 – Mid-Western

2016 Open Interclub Winners:

Ladies:  Whangarei

Mens:  Whangarei

2016 Winter Interclub Winners:

Ladies Div 1 – Manaia

Mens Div 1 – Mid-Western

Mens Div 2 – Mid-Western