District Events

Hosting Tournaments – Roles of the Host Clubs and Squash Northland.

For all regular tournaments:

Host Club is responsible for:

  • Organising sponsorship (if desired/required)
  • Event advertising (preparation of poster etc)
  • Receiving entries (and entry fees)
  • Seeding players and Preparing Draws
  • Posting draws on iSquash (preferred method of draw construction)
  • Advising players of first playing times
  • Providing quality balls and clean courts and changing rooms
  • Recording all results and inputting those to the iSquash system
  • Providing prizes, and holding prizegiving at the end of event
  • Having food and refreshments available for participants to purchase
  • Advising Squash Northland of number of junior and senior entrants competing at the event
  • Write an article about the event for publication (if desired)

Squash Northland will:

  • Promote the tournament via website and email channels
  • Liaise with tournament organisers to ensure everything is under control
  • Endeavour to use stories, photos or other information to report the event to print and social media and website channels

For Senior Player Series Tournaments:

In addition to the above the host club is responsible for:

  • Ensuring player series entrants, who enter before entry closing time, are included in the draw (ie. Cannot be balloted out)
  • Arranging the draw for the $100 cash spot prize for series entrants who are participating at the event.
  • Providing the $100 cash spot prize
  • Informing Squash Northland of the winners of the spot prizes and ensuring Squash Northland has access to the full competition results.

In addition to the above, Squash Northland will:

  • Provide the host club with a list of all entrants in the player series
  • Update the Player series results after results have been transmitted by the host club.
  • Promote the tournament results via appropriate media channels.

For Northland Regional Events:

In addition to regular tournaments above, the host club is responsible for:

  • Meeting and understanding the requirements as stated in the Squash Northland Regional Event Policy
  • Ensure that Squash Northland is recognised as a sponsor of the Regional event on posters and other promotional material – using correct logos etc.
  • Invoicing Squash Northland for the Regional Event Support Payment as is applicable under current policy
  • Prompt return of the event cups and promotional material to Squash Northland


In addition to regular tournaments above, Squash Northland will:

  • Pay the Regional Event Support Payment to the host club, upon furnishment of the invoice relating to this payment by the host club
  • Ensure the appropriate cups or trophies are available for the event prizegiving
  • Ensure the Squash Northland banners and other promotional material are delivered to the club before the start of the event (wherever possible)
  • Construct an article using results, photos and other information provided by the host club for promotion via appropriate media channels including print and online.