2018 SuperChamps

Posted: 04/05/18

The District and National SuperChamps events are played to identify the strongest club in the country for each grade.

Teams are composed of five players per club that are in the same grade (B, C, D, E and F/J for both men and women).

This competition is one of the most popular events on the calendar. It provides an opportunity for every player, regardless of grade, to compete to be a national champion.

2018 SuperChamps


B Grades – Kawaroa Park

C Grades – Hawkes Bay Squash Rackets Club

D Grades – Oamaru Squash and Badminton Club

E Grades – Burnside Squash Club

F/J Grades – Otago Squash Club

Grading List Eligibility Date:  15 June 2018

National Finals:

B-E Grades – Wednesday 26th September to Saturday 29th September 2018

F/J Grades – Thursday 27th September to Saturday 29th September 2018

Northland District Finals:

TBC dependant on entries – in July

2018 SuperChamps Rules and more information: