National Squash Open Day

Posted: 21/02/18

Squash New Zealand is proud to promote the 2018 National Squash Open Day alongside our #LoveSquash campaign.

The National Squash Open Day for 2018 will be Saturday 7th April (The First Saturday of the Commonwealth Games and Semi-Finals of Squash) from 11am to 1pm.

What can you as a club do?

Prior to the Day

  • Sign up to the National Open Day here
  • Promote in your local region prior to Saturday 7th April e.g.
    • Send posters provided by SNZ to local businesses,
    • Put a poster up at your work,
    • Promote in your weekly email to club members to bring friends and family along,
    • Put on local noticeboards,
    • Promote in the local paper
    • Promote on your Social Media Channels etc.
  • Organise 2-3 people to open the club for 2 hours (11am-1pm) along with balls, racquets and any other activities e.g. free coaching, fun games, squash on the TV etc.
  • Have promotional materials available e.g.
    • Pamphlets
    • Membership forms
    • Programme guides
    • Club Programmes
  • Decide whether you want to run a promotional campaign e.g.
    • Sign up on Open Day receive a free month on your membership,
    • Sign up on Open Day receive a free coaching lesson,
    • Every guest members bring down receive a free $5 bar voucher, each one that signs up receives another $5 bar voucher etc.

On the Day

  • Have organized club members at the club at 10:45am with club open and ready for visitors
  • Greet people as they come in the door and collect their details on a sign up sheet e.g. name, number and email
  • Show visitors around the club, give them a go on the court with some practice racquets and balls, give them some coaching
  • Give visitors all promotional material e.g. pamphlet, membership form etc.
  • Run a sausage sizzle, have cakes and treats out, make the club welcoming!

1 Week Later

  • Call those who came and follow up as to whether they want to join or how they are going

The above provides your club with a basic outline of how to run the day, feel free to adapt this as you see appropriate to suit your club! Run the day for longer, maybe put some squash on the TV on repeat! Make the day exciting for new guests and remind them about our #LoveSquash Campaign and how they could win a free membership!!

Anyone who is interested in attending an Open Day at their nearest club should contact Squash New Zealand on

Numerous materials can be found below for download. The Posters are designed to be edited with your clubs details. All clubs participating in the National Open Day are asked to fill out the signup form here. A full list of participating clubs will be posted below.