Coronavirus Update from Squash NZ

Posted: 13/03/20

Update from Squash New Zealand

13th March 2020

With the number of Coronavirus cases increasing worldwide, and containment measures increasing Squash New Zealand recommends the following precautions in an effort to help keep the wider squash community safe.

1. Squash Clubs
– If you’re sick or unwell consider staying at home to contain any spread of illness. We ask all those who have any of the following to seek medical attention before attending any future Squash events:
• Respiratory symptoms
• Fever
• Cough
• Shortness of Breath or breathing difficulties
• Any other flu-like symptoms
– Increase the use of hand sanitiser at home or out and about. Clubs could consider the distribution of sanitiser or wipes
– Ensure basic hygiene around washing hands
– On the court – do not shake hands, use another form of acknowledgement e.g. foot tap
– Do not share racquets or towel
– Sanitise the ball between matches and your own hands between matches after touching the ball
– Clubs/centres should ensure bathroom facilities are cleaned more regularly and that court door handles are
sanitised regularly

Valuable posters for around the club house can be found here:
Ministry Of Health – How to protect yourself guide
Ministry Of Health – How to protect yourself and others

2. Local Interclub / District events
Each district will be monitoring the situation as it develops and will be making appropriate calls relating to how/if events are run. This includes interclub and local regional events.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding local competition please contact your district directly.

3. Squash New Zealand Events
Squash New Zealand currently has no plans to cancel/postpone any upcoming events – the most immediate being the AON New Zealand Junior open April 24-26 Tauranga. This position will be monitored regularly and any updates on the hosting of the event will be sent via social and traditional media channels.
Squash New Zealand will continue to monitor the situation as it plays out and further updates will be provided as necessary.

For more information on Coronavirus please seek advice from the following:
World Health Organisation
Ministry Of Health – New Zealand