Manaia Open a great success

Posted: 28/03/17

The Manaia Open was a massive success with 58 entries and we were able to finish on the Saturday night. There was some great squash being played throughout the weekend as well as a lot of laughs and fun. Our Women’s Open was taken out by Karen Morgan who beat Crystal Rhodes in a four setter. The Men’s Open was taken out by Michael Sunderland who took down Bruce Smith in a three setter. Amy Brown was the lucky winner of the Payer series draw. All other results are below. Huge thanks to all entrants and Manaia members for helping make this a great and fun tournament.

With only being a 2 court club this was always going to be tough for us getting through 58 entries and finishing on the Saturday night however it was achieved. Obviously we had some great members helping make this happen but a huge part of this running on time was the PAR 11. PAR 11 worked extremely well for us I am glad we decided as a club to follow this initiative from Squash Northland and I think Squash Northland have done a great job in suggesting clubs use this scoring.

Women’s Open

  1. Karen Morgan
  2. Crystal Rhodes
  3. Delwyn Houlihan

Plate        Anna Moslen

C.P           Pippa Saunders

Women’s Div 1

1              Ruby Collins

2              Amy Brown

3              Elisha Smith

Plate        Chelsea Trail

C.P           Emma Tyson

Men’s Open

1              Michael Sunderland

2              Bruce Smith

3              Keri Rhodes

Plate        Riley Vette

C.P           Eugene Venter

Men’s Div 1

1              Nicol Bekker

2              Bryce Phillips

3              Gary Trail

Plate        Shane Vinac

C.P           John Edwards

 Men’s Div 2

1              Fredz Jameson

2              Jack Johnson

3              Allan Inglis

Plate        Russell Blomquist

C.P           Justin Tyson

Mens Div 3

1              Mike Laing

2              Cam Griffin

Plate        Mark Guiren

C.P           James Griffin

Mixed Div 1

1              Jayden Stokes

2              Lucy Stanley

Plate        Olivia Rhodes

C.P           Spencer Morgan

Mixed Div 2

1              Hayley Rhodes

2              Josh Laing

Plate        Zac Laing

C.P           Montana Vette