Squash New Zealand Launches #LoveSquash Campaign

Posted: 05/02/18

Squash New Zealand takes great pleasure in announcing the #LoveSquash campaign. The goal of the campaign is to grow the profile of squash in the lead up to Commonwealth Games 2018 and increasing participation in our sport.

This campaign is aimed at promoting our strategic objectives of Going for Gold and Increased Participation – and we need your help.

There are 3 key activation periods to promote our message of #LoveSquash and these are identified as follows:

  • Pre Games
  • During Games
  • Post Games

The themes which are presented throughout these different time periods will have key messages to help promote squash.

The 3 key target groups to help grow profile and participation in squash are as follows:

  • Current Fans
  • Lapsed Fans
  • New Fans

The messages which are sent to these different groups will have particular emphasis on different areas and will be targeted again at the growth and profile of the sport.

Finally, the methods which Squash New Zealand will use to promote this campaign will be as follows:

  • Online Campaign (Social, Email)
  • Hard Media (TV, Print, Radio)
  • Local Campaigns (Districts, Clubs)

Squash New Zealand will take primary responsibility for the running of the Online Campaign and the Hard Media. It will be the responsibility of the Districts and the Clubs to help run the local campaigns. Squash New Zealand will provide numerous resources and tools for clubs with a consistent message promoting the game of squash across the country. Squash New Zealand will also provide details and resources around a National Open day prior to the Commonwealth Games which we hope all clubs and districts will participate in.

An overview of the various activation periods, target groups, methods of engagement and their uses at different times in the campaign can be found here SNZ Media Plan Comm Games 2018 – Public Release Feb 1

Further details around this campaign and the different areas can be found here LoveSquash Campaign GC2018 – Public Release

Chief Executive Jim O’Grady says “The 2018 Commonwealth Games provide us with an excellent opportunity to launch the #LoveSquash campaign. We will be announcing our team on February 7 and the ability to promote them, their prospects and our sport is something we are really excited about. I look forward to following the progress of the team and the campaign and the support of the squash community in growing our profile and participation in our sport.

Should you have any queries about this campaign or how you and your club can be involved do not hesitate to contact Squash New Zealand on squashnewzealand@gmail.com